– One of the first settlements West of Yass  first seen by Hamilton Hume in 1821 and squatters soon followed
– Early on small gold and silver mines resulted in bushrangers including Ben Hall, Johnny Gilbert and Frank Gardiner frequenting the area. Gilbert buried nearby.
– Home of the young Banjo Patterson from his fifth year
– Town has a lot of history, historic buildings and tourist attractions including the Historic Car Museum and Glassworks
– Located 37 Km from Yass on Burley Griffin Way, just under an hour from Belconnen.
– Situated on Burley Griffin Way, the main road to Temora and Griffith
– Has a primary school, several pubs including the well known Black Swan, and several motels and restaurants.
– Has won a number of awards indicating civic pride among the about 250 residents.
– With its excellent location and quiet village atmosphere, thought of as an excellent “tree change” location